The Backpackers Natural Beauty Book

Who said that exploring the world and having fearless adventures meant sacrificing healthy radiant looking skin?

Why should wanderlusting beauties have to exchange natural skin care for the sake of luggage allowance?

Fear not beautiful nomads because now you don’t have to.

The Backpacker’s Natural Beauty Book is a collection of skin care recipes and tips so you can create products for your beauty regime wherever you are in the world.


This pocket size guide tells you how to care for your skin and gives you the simple recipes so you can make safe and natural products from items that you’ll find at the local market. Not only are you caring for your skin, but you’re also caring for the earth by using natural products which don’t harm the Ecosystem.

Feed your soul with travel exploration and your skin with natural goodness.





Interested in a Natural Beauty Workshop?

If you’d like me to come to your business/yacht/villa to run a workshop email me through the contact form to inquire. I’m currently in Europe but I move around often so please inquire to schedule.

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On my travels, I often struggled to find organic and natural skin-care products that didn’t cost the Earth. After getting tired of carrying around products from my home in Staffordshire, England – and having to rebottle them to fit into the tiniest of airport security liquid allowances – I finally decided to make my own products on the go.

With 15 years experience as a beauty therapist and having worked as a consultant for a global organic cosmetics brand, I used this knowledge to craft a selection of skin care recipes from natural ingredients. It wasn’t long before I found myself running ‘make your own beauty product’ workshops at yacht shows, volunteer projects and swanky villas around the world.

I’m passionate about my own wellbeing and that of the planet, which means that I try to live in a mindful way that is healthy, sustainable and has integrity. I believe that, in order to maintain a happy life, it’s important to invest in your mind, body and soul. I’m an advocate of personal development and believe that with mindfulness and self-care, all life’s challenges can be turned into opportunities for growth.

The Backpackers Natural Beauty Book is a selection of my best homemade, on-the-go, natural skin care recipes so now you can enjoy healthy, radiant looking skin while you travel too.

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